Remedial Massage

The core service we offer at Body Be Well is Remedial Massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Women who get regular prenatal massage deliver healthier newborns.

Relaxation Massage

Stress does not just go away, it accumulates. Make massage therapy a regular part of your personal health plan.

Sports Massage

Take a proactive approach to your sport. Regular massage is a proactive approach to Recover Quicker, Maintain Condition and Prevent Injuries

Dry Needling

Dry Needling works by restoring balance and triggering the body’s natural response to cure itself.

“The idea that touch can heal is an old one….and science is confirming what we knew in our hearts – that as psychiatrist James Gordon puts it “massage is medicine”
– Readers Digest

All of our massage techniques can be drawn upon to provide you with the massage that you want. And if you’re not sure what you want? Don’t worry, you’re in experienced hands and we will quickly get a feel of what is ‘right’. Your massage is all about you and what is right for you.  No two people are the same and thats why we love our job—so please don’t ever feel like you have to put up with pressure that is too heavy, or too light!

Best Massage therapy in Wodonga

Why choose us?

  • We pride ourselves on exceptional service in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.
  • We support our clients and understand their individual
  • We will listen to you
  • We are qualified
  • We are members of Massage & Myotherapy Australia
  • We offer HICAPS so you can claim your insurance on the spot
  • and we deliver!

We are experts at what we do, but if we cant get a result quickly we will point you in the direction of someone who can… we have a little black book of the best in the industry (we even work alongside them!)

What’s your first appointment like?

So you have heard about massage and everyone has a different experience with different clinics and practitioners. Here’s what it’s like at Body Be Well:

  • When you walk in the room, we will welcome you and make you feel comfortable straight away.
  • Your therapist will conduct an assessment and will talk about consent with you. (if this is your first appointment at the clinic you will need to have filled out a patient form) everything that is discussed is confidential.
  • Your therapist will discuss the treatment and will leave the room to allow for you to undress (your body will be covered besides for the area being worked on)
  • Your massage will begin with relatively light pressure to calm the nervous system, gradually your therapist will increase pressure to address specific areas. IF PRESSURE IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO COMMUNICATE THIS WITH YOUR THERAPIST.

How long is the session?

Treatments range from 30min to 90min (generally a 60min is recommended for an initial appointment)

How will it feel?

Massage should feel wonderful on healthy tissue and can feel uncomfortable on tension areas which usually lessen after a few minutes, the “no pain no gain” approach is not true for remedial massage, always communicate with your therapist if the pressure feels to deep. you should feel comfortable throughout your treatment. Many people just close their eyes and just relax, others love to talk, its your massage and whatever feels natural to you is the best way.

What to expect afterwards…

Following a treatment you will often experience a feeling of freedom from aches and pain, an increase in energy. it is not uncommon to have a bruising feeling which may last for 24 hours. occasionally you may not feel the benefits for a day or two after. No two people are the same.

Couldn’t speak highly enough of Romy’s massage therapy. Her professionalism, dedication and care towards her clients is first class. Highly recommend!  Kind Regards

Justine McConnell

Registered Nurse

Romy is a friendly and professional massage therapist. She takes care in tailoring sessions to meet my needs, helping me with chronic back issues from scoliosis

Jessica Shultz

Highly recommended! Romy is professional, consistent and intuitive…  Romy listens.  I always leave feeling fantastic and looking forward to my next appointment.

Susan Bassett

Personal Carer

I would highly recommend to try Body Be Well Therapies while pregnant. The relief I have been able to get to now enjoy my pregnancy has been amazing. Great friendly service.

Danielle Jones

If you haven’t yet had a treatment with Romy, I would highly recommend you do. Her professional manner, extensive knowledge of anatomy, competent remedial massage skills, friendly personality & comfortable surroundings (especially the fantastic heated bed in winter!) all combine to make her treatments a great experience.

Dr Jess Halstead


Awesome massage ,everyone should try it. Couldn’t ask for any better Romy is very professional in what she does. Romy also takes a lot of pride in herself and her work place. Well done can wait till my next massage.

Lyn Warren


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